Surplus Bison

Surplus Bison Program

ITBC has worked hard through the years too advocate for Tribal recipients of National Park Service bison. Currently three National Parks, Badlands (SD), Wind Cave (SD), and Theodore Roosevelt (South and North Units, both in ND) National Parks, are partners with ITBC for distributing their surplus bison. ITBC also works with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and receive animals from various Refuges and Preserves across the country, including Wichita Mountains (OK), Fort Niobrara (NE), and Neal Smith (IA) National Wildlife Refuges. Every year, ITBC asks for surplus bison requests from Tribes, and every year there is always more animals asked for than received from our partners. This fact has led ITBC to begin looking for various sources of bison outside of these traditional Department of Interior partners, which include The Nature Conservancy, US Forest Service Midewin National Grassland (IL), and others.