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Joining ITBC

Federally Recognized Tribes

ITBC is a membership organization consisting of federally recognized Tribes across the United States and is always open for membership. Prospective Tribes must be approved by the board at our quarterly board of director meetings. If you and your Tribe are interested in joining ITBC and receiving the benefits of becoming a member Tribe, you must provide the following information:

  1. Documentation of status as a federally recognized Tribe
  2. Tribal Resolution (ITBC can provide a sample resolution upon request)
  3. $1000.00 membership fee, good for the fiscal year (Oct-Sept) you join (ITBC can produce an invoice for billing purposes.)
  4. Names of your Tribe’s appointed representative and alternate to ITBC. Each representative must be and enrolled member of the prospective Tribe. Please provide these names on the Tribal resolution
  5. Cover Letter including contact information including mailing address, phone and fax numbers, emails, and website (if applicable).

After we receive all the above information (we will need a hard copy original for our records), your Tribe’s entry will be voted on by the Board of Directors at the next scheduled Director’s meeting.

For more information or to submit your packet, please contact us at

To submit hard copy originals please mail to:

InterTribal Buffalo Council

520 Kansas City St
Suite 300
Rapid City, SD 57701