COVID Meat Survey

Survey: Meat-Processing Challenges During COVID-19 Emergency

Is your Tribe currently experiencing difficulties having buffalo processed for meat due to shutdowns and complications related to the COVID-19 emergency?

In recent weeks, more than 5000+ cases of COVID-19 have been reported at over 120 meat processing plants across the US, which has caused delays in processing times, limits on the number of animals which can be processed, and shutdowns of many major plants across the US. ITBC has heard that these complications may be impacting many of our Member Tribes’ abilities to process buffalo meat as a food resource for their communities.

To address this, ITBC is currently working on applying for COVID-19 relief funds that would address the difficulties that some Tribes are having processing buffalo right now, in order to help increase food security for your Nation, mitigate potential upcoming meat shortages and price increases, and develop more opportunities to market Tribally-produced buffalo meat in anticipation of these shortages and price increases for all kinds of meat.

Please help ITBC to anticipate some of these needs and to look for solutions by filling out this brief survey, or by calling the office to discuss this more. The questions can be responded to by email, through our website in the spaces below, or by calling the office.

Thank you very much for your assistance, and we wish all of your families and communities health and well-being during this emergency!

Survey Questions

Thank you for completing this survey!! We will be in touch with any questions!